Third World…Developing…Emerging…these words have long been equated to marginalized
and unstable when used to reference countries around the world that lack access
to information technology and so a level playing field for economic and social
opportunity does not exist.

Their needs are many and include as a starting point Education, Healthcare, Jobs… all
of which can be met by access to affordable telecommunications services that
include broadband, voice and broadcast.  

The needs and opportunity are clear… Just as clear is that Onward Technologies
has the solution!!

Onward  was formed in 2014  expressly to gain access  to patented  solutions

to meet the needs of the populations of Emerging Countries through the design and delivery
of enabling wireless technologies in a cost sensitive and socially responsible

Onward’s currently available telecommunications system employs proprietary IP based,
lighter than air technology that delivers instant access to Internet, VOIP, and
broadcast communications. 

Un-served areas in countries with no existing telecom infrastructure can deploy a fully
integrated system by applying Onward’s Wireless Telecommunications Infrastructure
 which can service up to 500,000 users throughout an 80 kilometer
diameter service area. 

Onward's systems  are fully turn-key and are introduced in country through formation of Joint
Venture companies thereby creating new high tech jobs, sales positions and
management opportunities within the local economy to promote, manage and
maintain every aspect of system operation.  

Onward  is progressing through development of stratospheric telecommunications infrastructure 

 which will be capable of supporting 3,000,000 users throughout a 600 kilometer diameter service area.

Central to its STS development is its extensive library of Intellectual Property specific to
stratospheric flight. 

Onward is committed to the concept of Blended Value Investment and
believes that a company’s worth is gauged by its Social and Economic Impact as
well as its Profit Margin. In that spirit installed Onward  systems will support sponsorship of social and
economic outreach programs that will provide low cost, no cost access to
Telemedicine, Distance Learning and Job Training. 

Onward  understands Emerging Market needs and how to meet those needs and it seeks like
minded individuals and companies prepared to support its mission….. 

Onward  takes pride in and commits itself to socially responsible investment strategies

and applications in communications solutions for high growth global market economies. As such, Onward’s goal is to deliver ubiquitous cost effective telecommunications solutions to global emerging markets, also known as the developing world.

Ultimately our focus is to realize our long range objective of developing stratospheric telecommunications service capabilities. To this end, Onward will fund   from future  revenues a sequence of six risk mitigating stratospheric flights leading to production of a fleet of airships capable of delivering a broad range of telecommunications services throughout the developing world. While undertaking its stratospheric tests, the company’s near term revenue and market development will be accomplished through sales of Onward’s currently available terrestrial based Wireless Infrastructure System.


The absence of a telecommunications infrastructure presents an ongoing and urgent challenge to social and economic growth for people in the developing world. Onward’s purpose is to provide this market with the most cost effective and reliable telecommunications infrastructure solutions. This is possible through the deployment of its wireless infrastructure technologies.


Two concurrent telecommunications tracks comprise Onward’s operational focus. The first track is the generation of near-term revenues and market presence through the design, sale and deployment of its patent supported  terrestrial based wireless infrastructure to a select initial market. Services presently available include Internet, Broadcast and VOIP . These services are immediately available through the utilization of proven technologies, applied in an innovative and proprietary system.

The second track is completion of testing  and commercialization of like services delivered from its stratospheric lighter-than-air vehicle (LTAV). Design.  

This two-track strategy will enable Onward  to provide affordable, market specific communications services to developing countries while implementing a fast track stratospheric development and testing program leading to deployment of commercial stratospheric telecommunications services.  

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