To qualify as a joint venture partner, an individual or company should meet the following criteria;

  1. Currently hold or have access to required communications licensing within the target market.
  2. Currently hold or have access to an existing subscriber base in a communications-related business within the target market.
  3. Have a solid working knowledge of the political landscape within the target market.

Onward  will provide a qualified joint venture partner with its full technological, marketing, and sales support in addition to the coordination of project funding and/or funding guarantees.


Joint venture candidates have the opportunity to participate in international market development programs that design, sell, deploy, and operate transitional non-stratospheric wireless communications systems. The design of Wireless Infrastructure System  allows for seamless upgrade to Onward’s stratospheric technology, once commercially available.


Onward offers a fully  developed  in-country subscriber acquisition program designed to introduce its communications services to consumers in targeted markets. This program also serves as a job creation and economic development initiative.

joint venture and partnering opportunities